Travel Money Belt

by e.e.David

e.e.David LLC company produces travel accessories to assist its users traveling around the world. The company uses only high-quality, comfortable materials and a high-quality manufacturing of products.

Theft protection

Money belt is thin enough so you can feel any attempt to enter it. Strong zipper adds even more security.


Thanks to outer layout, the content stays always safe and dry.


Exclusive RFID 210D nylon material promises low weight and extreme endurance of the product.

Adjustable strap

Fits almost all sizes and still the buckle is so discreet that you will not feel it at all.


No worries about wearing this money belt on naked skin, under the clothing. The back part has been designed for no-sweat effect.

Unisex – All Ages

Black color, timeless design and special materials make this money belt great companion for both genders, all ages and any location you can imagine.

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